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Record Your Voice

Workspace for Beginners

Work on your English Skills.

(Updated October 14, 2015)
Record Your Voice
and Listen to yourself
while using any of these on-line resources.

Notes and Instructions for Links on the Left

Wordsmyth Beginner's Dictionary
(On the left side of the page, choose "Beginner's Dictionary". Type in the word and click "Go")

The Language Guide
(Useful Vocabulary with Pictures and Pronunciation)

Learning Chocolate
(Learn Vocabulary with Pictures, Pronunciation, and Practice Quizzes)

InfoVisual Visual Dictionary
(Clear, Basic Vocabulary)

The Internet Picture Dictionary
(Includes Digital Flashcards and Other Vocabulary Practice Activities)

Vowel Sounds and Spelling
Slideshare Online Presentation

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
(Choose from list of Basic Listening Activities -- includes Quizzes, Exercises, and Full Text)

(Listening Activities with Quizzes and Text)

Sentence Patterns
(Read and Listen to Simple Sentences)

REEP World
Read and Listen to Stories about Families -- one sentence at a time.

Sounds of American English
(Launch English Library)

John Keith Communications pronunciation

John Keith Communications Daily Pronunciation Exercises
(Practice These Exercises Early Every Day.)

English Grammar Reference and Exercises

(one page list of forms)

Grammar Terms Explained
(Clear Explanations, Links to Further Explanations and Examples)

Beginner Quizzes

Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences
Explanations and Examples (PDF)

Writing an Academic Paragraph
How to Write a Paragraph (PDF)

OutReach Links at VCC
(Study materials from Vancouver Community College.
Also see resources for other departments.)

Links for Higher Levels at John Keith Communications
(For more links in each subject area, click a button on the left.)

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