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Listen to the stories or articles first without reading the text. Look at the text to figure out meaning and vocabulary. Listen and read at the same time, and finally, just listen again. For pronunciation and fluency practice, you can play the audio recording sentence by sentence, record your own voice with Voice Recorder and compare.

More listening at In a Word -- All About English Vocabulary
Vocabulary of Ice Hockey   Sol, Therm, and Aqua/Mare   Scary Words of Hallowe'en
Months and the Days of the Week   Egg  

BCIT Survey Highlights Importance of Oral Communication Skills

The Most Recent are listed on the top.

The Origins of Easter

Google Ogles My Neighbourhood

Have a Good One -- What?

Contempt, Coalition, and Confidence:
Confusion about Government in Canada

1. The Confusion
2. Government from the top down
3. Government from the bottom up
4. Confidence, Coalitions, and Contempt

Clarity in Speech for Important Information

Poppies for Remembrance Day

In Flanders' Fields

Spring Equinox

Labour Day

St. Patrick's Day

Yes, Dear Reader, There is a Santa Claus.

A Teaching Ballad: the Ballad of Thread-Fall
(Song and Listening Cloze Exercise)

Dragon Time
(Song and Listening Cloze Exercise)

A Problem With No Problem

On What Grounds was this B.C. Ferry “Grounded”?

The "Twisted Luxury" of the Central Chinese Television Building


Electrical Errata

Calling All Cellphone Users

Thieves Brake Code (sic)

Stanley Park Storm Damage

BCIT Survey Highlights Importance of Oral Communication Skills

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