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      Copy-n-Paste” Webpage Creation
      CPE Teachers On the Net

      Classes, Tutors, or Independent Study
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      Calling All Cellphone Users
      Clarity in Speech for Important Information
      Contempt, Coalition, and Confidence:
      Confusion about Government in Canada
         1. Confusion about Government in Canada
         2. The Canadian system of government, from the top down
         3. The Canadian system of government, from the bottom up
         4. Confidence, Coalitions, and Contempt
      In Flanders' Fields
      Labour Day
      The Origins of Easter
      Poppies and Remembrance Day
      Saint Patrick's Day
      Spring Equinox
      Stanley Park Storm Damage
      Yes, Dear Reader, There is a Santa Clause

      BCIT Grad Survey

    Quips, Quotes, and Commentary
      Electrical Errata
      Google Ogles My Neighbourhood
      Have a Good One -- What?
      On What Grounds was this B.C. Ferry “Grounded”?
      A Problem With No Problem
      Thieves Brake Code (sic)
      The "Twisted Luxury" of the Central Chinese Television Building

      A Teaching Ballad

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Oral Fluency
  Mainpage: Developing Oral Fluency
      Daily Pronunciation Exercises
      Oral Fluency Journal
          Oral Fluency Journal -- PDF for printing
          Extra Pages for Oral Fluency Journal -- PDF

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      Daily Pronunciation Exercises
          Common Pronunciation Mistakes
          Listening Discrimination
          Practice Charts with Sounds and Words
          Vowel Charts  (larger charts may take 20 seconds to load)
      Using the ICAO Phonetic Alphabet To Spell Things Out

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      Combine Your Skills
      Develop Vocabulary and Usage
      Preview the Passage
      Read More Than Once
      Read Every Day
      Read Purposefully
      Read Quickly

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Technical Writing
          Lists -- PDF for printing
      Phrases and Clauses
      Rules for Technical Writing
      Technical Writer's Process
          Technical Writer's Process -- PDF for printing

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    Vocabulary Self-Study
    Business Vocabulary List
  In a Word -- All about English Vocabulary
      Months and the Days of the Week
      Scary Words of Hallowe'en
      Sol, Therm, and Aqua/Mare
      Vocabulary of Ice Hockey 1: The Basic Game
      Vocabulary of Ice Hockey 2: Important Rules
      Vocabulary of Ice Hockey 3: Playing the Game

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Vancouver Handbook for ESL Students

  Vancouver Handbook for ESL Students
      About the Author
      How to Order
      More About the Handbook
      Student Resources
      Teacher's Guide
  Student Resources
      Internet Links to Vancouver Attractions
      Victoria: complete section from the Vancouver Handbook 1st Edition


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