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Listening Links

Updated July 21, 2015

VCC ESL News Archives
   (Listening with online quizzes, vocabulary practice, pronunciation and fluency practice)
CBC Archives
   (TV and Radio Clips, Links to Programs, News, and Live Radio
   (Search "audio". Open a new browser window so you can listen to and read the articles at the same time.)
Business Talk Radio Network
(Archives and Listen Live )
Daily Wav
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Elllo: English Language Listening Lab On-line
Voice Print BC
AMI -- Accessible Media Inc.
Voice of America -- Special English
Focus English -- Everyday English in Dialogues
BBC Learning English -- the Flatmates
The Real Canadian Songbook
   (Popular songs by Canadian artists: video and quizzes)
   (Interesting talks by remarkable people -- video; subtitles or interactive transcripts -- click sentence on the transcript to hear it again)

Hospital English
   (Click "Student" for vocabulary and pronunciation, reading and listening.)
Reading and Listening for Medical Workers
   (Special English programs fo doctors, nurses and other health care workers)
Medical Dialogues
   (Animated cartoons, British English and British Expressions)

TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS Listening Online
TOEFL Listening Practice
    Conversation 1     Conversation 2     Conversation 3    
    Lecture 3     Lecture 4
TOEFL 20-minute Listening-Level Test
TOEFL Listening Practice   (from -- includes text)

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