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Vocabulary Links

Updated October 26, 2018

Hints for Studying Vocabulary

  Merriam Webster Pronouncing Dictionary
   (Includes Technical Words)
  The Free Dictionary
    (definitions, quotes, usage examples, antonyms, rhymes)
   (words on webpages become links to dictionary or reference look-up)
  100 Best Online Dictionaries -- Jack Milgram
   (terminology, dialects, obscure slang, commentary)

Visual Dictionaries
  Visual Dictionary On-line
   (High Level Language)
  InfoVisual Visual Dictionary
   (Clear, Basic Vocabulary)
  The Internet Picture Dictionary
   (Includes Digital Flashcards and Other Vocabulary Practice Activities)
  Language Guide
   (Lower Levels -- Useful Basic Vocabulary; Words, Pictures, Audio for Pronunciation)

Web Concordancer
  (Understand vocabulary in context)

  Idioms 4 You
    (includes definitions, scenarios, audio, and live real world examples)
  Dictionary of Idioms
    (list of English idioms and idiomatic expressions; ignore annoying ads)
  Idioms and Expressions
    (excellent list with explanations and examples)

Building a Better Vocabulary
  (excellent "how to" advice; lists of common roots, prefixes, and suffixes; links to quizzes)
More Links to Glossaries (Compiled by Frank Dietz)

Business Vocabulary
    Finance Terminology For Beginners
    Glossary of Financial and Business Terms
    Financial Dictionary
    NY Times Glossary of Financial and Business Terms
    150 Business Jargon Fixes
    Microeconomics Glossary Flashcards
    Glossary of Accounting Terms
    Complete Business Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Medical Vocabulary
    (Search individual words or explore medical terms listed in alphabetical order.)
    Medical Dictionary
    (Search engine for medical terminology, drugs, healthcare equipment etc.)
    Roots, Suffixes Prefixes for Medical Words
    (Includes meanings, examples, and etymology)
    (Roots, Suffixes Prefixes Listed by English meanings)
    Common Medical Terminology
    (includes tables of prefixes, suffixes, word roots and abbreviations)
    Health Canada
    (All about Canada's Health Care System)
    MedlinePlus Health Topics
    (vocabulary for symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention)

Environmental Science Glossaries
    McGraw Hill Environmental Science Glossary (Includes Online Flashcards)
    Wikipedia Glossary of Environmental Science (Exhaustive List)
    Course Notes: AP Environmental Science Includes Topic Notes and Formulas)
   (Look up verything about a word, including idioms)
Tech Terms Computer Dictionary (Browse by Tech Factor)
Glossary of IT Terms
Vocabulary, Free Word Puzzles and Activities
Free Vocabulary Web Games

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