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A Teaching Ballad : the Ballad of Thread-Fall

© Juliana Lane (McCorison)

A tribute to the Science Fiction Fantasy books of Anne McCaffrey

From the new CD:

Not Just Lullabies from Planet Earth

Link to Pondside Music

(Click the Dragon to visit Juliana McCorison's Pondside Music)

General Vocabulary

ballad - a slow song
bore- to dig into
burrow - to dig into
dragon - a mythic creature that can fly
harken - listen
loop - to circle
preen - to make yourself look attractive
rider - a person who rides
save your tails - to rescue you
scored - cut or burned
tithe - to give a percentage of your earnings
whoop - a loud shout

Vocabulary Created for the Anne MacCaffrey’s Novel

between - an empty play during time travel
browns/silver/gold - kinds of dragons
pass - a period when there is no danger of thread falling
thread - a liquid metal that rains from the sky
weyr - the home of the dragons and their riders

Listening cloze exercise -- fill in the blanks.

View or Print A Teaching Ballad Cloze (PDF)

Full Text

A Teaching Ballad -- complete text (PDF)

Full Text with Freedictionary Definitions and Pronunciation (HTML)

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