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Welcome to John Keith Communications.

John Keith Communications provides free on-line ESL resources for students and professionals: pronunciation, oral fluency, listening, vocabulary development, reading, and grammar, as well as technical, business, and academic writing.

John Keith Communications also publishes
The Vancouver Handbook for ESL Students, 2017 E-book Edition
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Seasonal Highlights:
Vocabulary of Ice Hockey
The Basic Game
Some Important Rules
Playing the Game

Extensive Listening Practice with Quizzes
ESL News Archives
Vancouver Community College

Most Recent Additions:

Workplace for Beginners upgraded
The Origins of Easter
New Links for Instructors
Google Ogles My Neighbourhood
Have a Good One -- What?  
Contempt, Coalition, and Confidence:
Confusion about Government in Canada

1. The Confusion
2. Government from the top down
3. Government from the bottom up
4. Confidence, Coalitions, and Contempt

Updated Links to Health Care Studies
Links to Environmental Science Vocabulary and Updated: Hints on Studying Vocabulary
Clarity in Speech for Important Information
Using the ICAO Phonetic Alphabet To Spell Things Out
Updated Technical Writing pages with useful off-site links
Poppies and Remembrance Day
In Flanders' Fields
Developing Oral Fluency
Internet Links to Vancouver Attractions
Links to Medical Vocabulary and Medical Listening
Victoria Online Resources for the Vancouver Handbook for ESL Students


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